Current Members of the Far West Texas Water Planning Group - Region E

Planning Group Member Position
Scott Reinert, Water Utilities Exec. Committee Chair
Dave Hall, Public Exec. Committee Vice Chair
Teresa Todd, Counties Exec. Committee Secretary
Rebecca L. Brewster, Public Exec. Committee Member
David Etzold, Real Estate Exec. Committee Alt.
Tom Beard, Agriculture Exec. Committee Ex-Chair


Planning Group Member Position
Sean Woodard Industries
Randy Barker Water Utilities
Jeff Bennett Environment
Sterry Butcher Public
Teresa Todd Counties
David F. Etzold Real Estate
Summer Webb Groundwater Districts
Avi Nash Counties
Daniel Dunlap Small Business
Albert Miller Water Utilities
Gerald Grijalva Water District
Rick Tate Agriculture
Arlina Palacios Public
Tim Leary Agriculture
Becky L. Brewster Municipalities
Omar Martinez Water Districts
Scott Reinert Water Utilities
Haley Davis Groundwater Management Areas
Jay Ornelas Water Districts
Dave Hall Public
VACANT Tourism
VACANT Electric Generating Industries
VACANT River Authorities
VACANT Economic Development – Urban
VACANT Economic Development – Rural


Non-voting Member Position
Woody Irving U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Joel D. Lawrence Texas Department of Agriculture
William Finn International Water Boundary Commission
Joel D. Lawrence Texas Department of Agriculture